Mohammad Zahoor is the founder and owner of the ISTIL Group - a private equity investment company. Born in Pakistan he moved to Ukraine as a 19 year old scholarship student, where he built up a steel business.
In the 1980s Zahoor gained experience in the global steel industry, working as General Manager of a Pakistani Trading House's Moscow office. During his leadership its turnover increased 10 fold.
In 1991, Zahoor founded his own steel trading company, MetalsRussia (later to be changed to ISTIL), which in 5 years was included in the top 20 global traders of steel products, reaching an annual export volume of 2 million tons of steel.
In 2008, when steel prices were at historical highs, Mohammad Zahoor decided to sell his steel business and diversify his portfolio. The total volume of ISTIL investment in Ukraine has exceeded $400 million
Mohammad Zahoor has personally supported a number of social projects - contributing to orphanages in Donetsk and Odessa, repairing of the Opera theatre in Odessa, and giving active support to Ukrainian sports (hockey, handball and tennis).
$400 million
Hotel Former Leipzig Kyiv

Offices Kyiv

Kinopanorama Kyiv

Television and Media Studios/Films

The Kyiv Post newspaper (sold 2019)

Aleana Plastic Goods