Mohammad Zahoor: Enlightened investors find opportunities in Ukraine

Participants of the Ukrainian Investment Summit during a first day session in London on Dec. 9. In the situation such as Ukraine finds itself today, almost less than half of that number attended the Adam Smith Conferences summit this year on Dec 9-10. And most attendees were looking for investors rather than looking to become investors.
World in Ukraine: Pakistanis bridge great distances
Pakistani nationals, ambassadors, Ukrainian parliament deputies, businessmen and others celebrated the 70th anniversary of Pakistan Day on March 23 at the President Hotel in Kyiv on March 23. Even the estimated 1,000 Pakistanis living in Ukraine are separated from each other, geographically, by income and for other reasons. However, on March 23, the community united to celebrate Pakistan Day.
Mohammad Zahoor: Ukraine is most accessible country for inter- national manufacturers
Former Kyiv Post publisher Mohammad Zahoor and his wife, Ukrainian singer-actress Kamaliya, cut cake at the Kyiv Post 20th Anniversary Gala on Sept. 19. (Photo by Volodymyr Petrov) The founder of the ISTIL group and one of the country's richest businessmen, Mohammad Zahoor, has lived in Ukraine for more than 40 years. He started a metallurgical business in Donetsk, then sold it and concentrated on other areas of business.