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About the Group

1991 :

  • Metalsrussia founded in partnership with a Hong Kong based trading group

1996 :
  • Metalsrussia traded more than 10 million tons of steel per year
  • Group buys Donetsk Metallurgical Works with an open option for 40% of the shares
  • Group modernizes the plant with investment of $95 million

1999 :
  • Metalsrussia name changed to Internal Steel & Tube Industries Ltd. (ISTIL). The name was change to better reflect the groups expansion to more international locations

2000 :
  • The Donetsk mill is restructured into two parts. One part purchased by a local investor, and the other part remained with Istil
  • EBRD provides a $25 million loan for the plants development.This was the first loan given by EBRD to a Ukrainian steel company, and reflected Istils commitment environmental protections

2007 :
  • EBRD loan increased to $150 million
  • Group considered an IPO on the London Alternate Exchange, yet received many offers for 100% buyout during this process

2008-2009 :
  • Production assets of Istil Group were sold to the Estar Group in April 2008
  • Istil Group begins investing in real estate, media, film production, the energy sector, as well as other areas

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